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We are ever-expanding so if you feel you are the chosen one to be part of us, you have that knack in you to hold the attention of our dynamic readers, create subtle headlines with not so subtle opinions(you will get brickbats for that, we do!) you can get in touch with us at contact@zoloroots.com

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About Me

My name is Shaik Nadeem a professional Blogger,  Entrepreneur & a self-taught web designer. I dabbled in the online field at my high school, I was most interested in the computers from my childhood. I took computer science in my college thinking that I could learn something new about computers. But didn’t learn anything except printing a small code “hello world”. And then decided to learn by myself. From then I fully concentrated on learning about how the things work. After reading a lot of e-books articles and watching tutorials, I got to know how the things work in today’s world.

EX: what are a blog and everything that a blogger should know, How to create a Professional Website, How to create an Android app and a lot more…

Today I’m in a position that I make a professional website for clients, do SEO(search engine optimization), create high authority backlinks and provided free guiding service for them who are getting started in blogging or stepping into the programming field.

I do manage some other blogs which I will tell you about them in coming days.