Kimbho Messaging App Lanched By Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Disappears From Playstore

Kimbho Messaging App Launched Patanjali

patanjali App |  After lanching SIM cards, Baba Ramdev launched a messaging app kimbho that is an alternative app of WhatsApp. The tagline of this app is “Ab Bharath Bolega”, that means “Now India will Speak”. This app is available for download on Android devices via the Google Play Store.

As you know Patanjali has launched an app that is much familiar to WhatsApp where we can do all stuff of things from this app as we do in WhatsApp. Here are some interesting facts about the app kimbho keep reading till the last.


Update: The kimbho app appears to be taken down from play store.

Highlights :

  • Kimbho messaging app is no longer available on play store
  • “Kimbho” was pitched as a challenge to WhatsApp
  • The app is still seen on apple play store
  • The tagline of Kimbho is kept as “Ab Bharat Bolega“.
  • This app is a clone of Bolo app.



After launching sim cards, Baba has launched an anew messaging application called kimbho to give competition to WhatsApp. 

A few days after Patanjali, launched swadeshi SIM cards in collab with BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd), and it has also launched an app which allows users to chat with others, do a video call, do audio calls, and much more features as the same of WhatsApp. The swadeshi chat app is called “Kimbho” which is similar to WhatsApp.

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Just like WhatsApp, one can either send messages and can create groups. Apart from this, one can form broadcast lists, follow celebrities and also doodle. This app empowers to private group chat with free phone and video calling.

Ramdev says ‘swadeshi’ mission to promote indigenous products. Clearly, the yoga guru “Ramdev Baba” is now expanding ‘swadeshi’ apps as well. Apart from this, this app is launched by Patanjali Communications.

The developer’s address of the developer of the Kimbo app on the Google play store has given to Patanjali Ayurveda Limited, D-28 Industrial Area, Near Income Tax Office, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, 249401.

French Security Researcher Elliot Alderson claimed through his tweet that the app Kimbho is a clone of another app called Bolo.


Here are the features of kimbho app / Patanjali WhatsApp —

As like WhatsApp we can do voice call and video calls from this kimbho app. You can able to send text messages, photos, video0s and audio clips with the kimbho app at the real time. The app claims that it is completely safe and will not show an add-in. We can also share current location with this app.

You can even share stickers, create groups, broadcast to multiple users and more. A user can also follow a favorite celebrity on the app and even send doodles as well. feature are much similar to those of Instagram or snapchat.

Thi app is listed on both play store and apple app store. The developer is listed as Patanjali Ayurved on play store, but on ios, the developer is apple”. Both have the same interface and the same features. However, this app is overall likely to WhatsApp.


Swadeshi SIM cards – Patanjali SIM card

Baba Ramdev has launched a SIM card named “Swadeshi samraddhi sim card”. This sim card has launched by the collaboration of BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd) and Patanjali. Only Patanjali employees and office bearers will get benefits of the SIM card.

After the complete rollout of the SIM cards, the customers of Patanjali will get  10%(percent) discount on Patanjali products. There is a special Rs 144 plan for Patanjali employees, which gives them a daily data limit of 2GB and allows them to make unlimited calls.


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