Top 10 Free and Best Android Apps to Download

Top 10 Free and Best Android Apps

Top 10 Apps | There are 3.5 million apps lying on google play store. There are a lot of apps which do same work as others. If you are in doubt of what apps to use and what not to use? Then its the question of every android user. We recommend these apps instead of trying all apps and wasting your time, Try these apps which are experimented and selected for you. These are the essential apps which you should have on your phone by 2018.

We hope these apps satisfy your needs to max needs.

Note: We have made this list of apps considering user rating, popularity, and features of the app.

These are the top 10 apps as listed below :

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service which gives you up to 15gb of free storage to store your documents, files and any kind of files. You can browse these files and folder on your drive, and can even share them with your friends.

It comes with Google Docs where you can modify them online and save them on the drive. You can also use Google drive to upload your photos online.

2. Picsart


As coming to photo editing app, we all need a simple and best editing featured app. Where picsart is popular photo editing app with over millions of documents. The features of this app are collage, drawing, frames, stickers, free cropping, clone tool and a lot more…

It comes with social sharing features where you can share the edited picture directly to your social media platform.

3. Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a popular app worldwide which is used for instant messaging. It provides the ability to send text messages, audios, videos, docs and much more… You can also make audio and video calls with it. You can use WhatsApp on your desktop as well.

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4. Google News and Wheather

Google news and weather is the best app which helps you to get news from your preferred topics along with accurate weather information. If you allow access to location service, it can show your local news and weather.

This app uses AMP(Accelerated mobile page) to provide instant page load and read experiment.

5. Google Duo

If your thinking to do a video to your lovely once and got rid of that blurry quality of the video. Then try the new app from Google- Google Duo, which has a simple interface. It is the best video calling app which provides the high quality of video and never sticks in the middle.

The main thing in this app is, It works well in slow connections. It is a lightweight app which occupies the small amount of space.

6. ES file explorer

You want to manage space on your mobile. Then ES file explorer is the most popular app with almost all necessary features that a file manager should have. It comes with an app manager where you can uninstall/backup apps.

In rooted devices, you can even uninstall the system app with root privilege. it’s “Root Explorer” features which unlocks a lot of functions for rooted devices. It comes with space analyzer which helps you to free up your space.

7. WPS office

WPS is a free application with all in one feature. The app comes with free pdf converter, reader, editor, data encryption etc. It is fully compatible with Microsoft word, powerpoint, spreadsheet, excel, google docs etc.

The people who work a lot with documents and office related work can use this app.

8. MX player

MX player is the most popular video playing apps which almost support all your video and audio file formats. Myx player is free to download and it’s ad-free. You can add extra plugins to Mx player if need of extra features.

Now, you can download WhatsApp status of others in your mobile with the help of MX player. It comes with a lot of features like Volum gesture, zooming gesture, brightness gesture etc.

9. Nova launcher

Nova launcher is the best launcher applying on play store. It is smooth and lightweight with tons of customization. It is being popular on play store from few years.

It has dozens of gestures for easy to use. It is free to download and use but, the premium version has lot more feature the that of the free version.

10.  Google assistance

Today almost all phones have personal assistance. Even ios devise have the feature of Google assistance (Virtual assistance)which we can use to give some instructions via voice. Google assistance is used for so many works like asking doubts, opening apps, playing music and much more…

You can ask google about Today’s weather, News, and much more stuff.

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