Blogger vs WordPress : A Complete Comparison in detailed

Blogger vs WordPress : A Complete Comparison

Blogger vs WordPress  So‍, you want to know more about Blogger vs WordPress. You are here, that means..! you want to be a perfect blogger and have a doubt about which platform to choose.

Don’t worry you’re not alone.

This is the common doubt that every blogger gets while choosing the best platform for your blog. Hey..! This Shaik Nadeem a Professional blogger. In this article, I’m going to share with you everything that you need to know about WordPress and blogger before getting started.

I wanted to make this article simple so that you can get a brief idea about Blogger vs WordPress.

Some common questions that you may have about……

Which is the best platform for Blogging (WordPress or Blogger)?

  • Do WordPress cost money?


  • How can I create my WordPress site?


  • How to buy Domain and Hosting?


  • What platform should I choose?


WordPress Vs Blogger

1. Ownership

Blogger is a blogging platform provided by Google. It is free and quite enough to publish your stuff online. As it is not owned by you google has the  However, it is not owned by you, Google runs this hosting service and has the right to shut it down, or shut down your access to it at any time.

In WordPress, you have to host your site on WordPress hosting providers. You can post any kind of stuff on your server ie.. hosting platform that is owned by you. In WordPress, you will have total control on your blog, and your the one who can decide to shut down or continue.


In blogger, you will have the only limited number of templates. You can only modify the layouts and some more stuff by using built-in tools, but you cannot do your own modifications in this. You can install templates from an external source, but you cannot make much more modifications as we can do in WordPress.

In WordPress, you will have thousands of free and premium themes which allows you to do more modifications to your blog. There are thousands of themes for every kind of website, no matters what your site is about. In wordpress, you will find plenty of themes which you can customize as you like.


Blogger has very limited tools that you to perform an only specific task on your website. The activities you can do on blogger are limited and are under control.

As coming to WordPress, it is an open source software where you can add plenty of extra features. There are thousands of WordPress plugins which allow you to add more feature to your site, like adding a store to your site and much more.

4. Portability

Moving your blogger site to other platform is a complicated task. There is a risk of losing your SEO (search engine rankings, subscribers, and followers) while moving your site from blogger. Even blogger allows you u to move your content from its servers, your data remains on Google servers for a period of time.

Moving your WordPress site to other platforms is an easy task. You can m0ve your site to a new hosting and even change the domain name. WordPress is more portable compared to blogger.WordPress offers way more SEO advantages.

5. Security

Coming to the security features of blogger, Google takes care of your site from cyber attacks. Using blogger you don’t have to worry about managing your server’s data, creating backups and much more.

Coming to security features of WordPress, it is quite secure, but we are responsible for security and backups of our site. There are plenty of plugins that help you in making your site secure


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Comparison between WordPress and Blogspot:



Definition WordPress started as just for blogging system. Now, it proves as a content management system. Blogger (Blogspot) refers to a free blogging service by Google.
Developer WordPress google
Launched 2003 1999
Cost According to plan free
Type of accounts Free Account with premium upgrades Free
  • A free account – A blog, 3 GB of storage, a tool to publish the blog with social networks, the track of visitors, and much more etc.
  • A Premium account includes – Custom design and domains, premium themes, additional space for storage, etc…
Free hosting and free subdomain, the addition of media to posts, mobile access through iPhone and Android apps, access to Google’s advertising schemes, free built-in tools etc.
The process to sign-up You can register for an account by providing an email address, username, password… Simply Requires a Google account.
Themes Plenty of free and premium themes Comparatively less than WordPress
mobile limited Can choose any theme
Limitations No direct editing of the code in WordPress No plugin support and limited customizations.
Social media and sharing  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr, quora Only Tweet and like buttons.
  • Easy to use
  • Free hosting
  •  Own security
  • Customization
  • Free Hosting
  • Easy to use
  • Better security
  • Fast indexing
  •  Gmail, YouTube and Google+
  • Adsense to place advertisements
  • Robust hosting


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