What is Freelancing and Who is a freelancer

Earn as Freelancer | Who is a freelancer. Who can do freelancing? A freelancer is someone who provides his services for money. But, you may have a doubt that How one can do freelancing. You’re not only the one who is having this doubt, there are a lot of people who don’t know what is freelancing.

Hey, this is Shaik Nadeem a freelancer. Today I’m gonna tell you everything what is freelancing and how one can do freelancing. As I told you A freelancer is someone who provides his services for money. But, what makes it different is freelancer has the freedom to choose his own work.

What is freelancing

Freelancing on the side is a great way to make a little extra cash. If you wanna become a full-time freelancer you have to give more importance to your work and satisfy the need of customers. There are lots of people who do the full-time job at freelancing and earn nice income that they can enjoy their life with it. Keep in mind before going further. One cannot make billions by freelancing, it just satisfies your needs and some extra stuff.

Moreover, the freelancer can change his work time as he wants. Your the only boss where you decide what to do and what not to. you will have full power in the work. You should not have to worry about the office and the time you work, you can work from anywhere and anytime it depends on you. but while coming to end you have to satisfy the customer by giving the delivery in time.
Let me break it down to you in simple points through the work type of freelancer:

content writer

Web Designer

virtual assistant


Marketing services

social media manager

What Do You Need to Get Started as a Freelancer?

You need have some skills that you can offer to your customers and the skills to attract and convince the customers.

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You have to do work in time as you promised to do so that the work impression increases on your profile.

Most people offer their services using talents they already have.

If you are a writer then write a content SEO friendly and reader-friendly so that the customer can hire you for the next time when he wants a content.

If you want to start a successful freelancer business improve your skills and satisfy customers need.

How to Get a Freelance Job. Becoming a freelancer is a great way to start working online? want to know more than continue reading…

Before deciding which path to take, have a look at each pro and cons to see which scenario is right for you.

Pros of freelancing :

freedom of location.
Select for whom you work
Unlimited earning: depends on your work
free of joining cost
No office
Casual work

Cons of freelancing :

Feeling isolated
Juggling multiple clients
Inconsistent work
Hustling 24/7 for new gigs
have to answer  many clients
no maternity/paternity leave
inconsistent revenue
No one to back you up
No eligibility for unemployment

Becoming a freelancer is a great way to start working for yourself. You can work for multiple clients at a time and work as much or as little as you want. The best alternative of online earning is blogging, where you have to share your knowledge with others by writing the post on your log. For more have a look at How to earn online

 Why Freelancers are Going to Rule the Workforce :

#1: Freelancers are Flexible

Recent surveys state that freelancers are more flexible as well, as 55%(percent) of freelancers said they participated in reskilling training in the last six months compared to 30%(percent) of non-freelancers. Freelancers are more flexible because they can decide that what they work for and for whom they work. Freelancing is the best form of earning an extra penny for our fashion needs.

#2: Companies Love Hiring Freelancers

It took awhile for the majority of companies to realize the advantage of hiring freelancer. Hiring a freelancer is the best things in today’s world. Companies are hiring freelancers instead of spending their money and time for training for traditional employees. Since most experienced freelancers will have worked with dozens or hundreds of clients, So hiring a freelancer means hiring an experienced person who can improve the strategy of their company.

#3: The Younger Generation loves Freelancing

The youth of today prefer freelancing. While in US 36% of a workplace is comprised of freelancers. Freelancing attracts Youth with its flexibility and ownership where the freelancer owns the work and can also form a company where he can hire some small freelancers and take the projects from the bigger companies. Instead of working under the boss he can become his own boss.


Today millions of people are moving towards the freelance job and living their life happier without any fear losing their job… Freelancers will rule the workforce someday soon. If you’ve been considering a career change, now is an excellent time to take up freelancing.

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