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Smart speakers | What is AlexaAlexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. It was first used in Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo dot smart speakers which were developed by Amazon lab126.

What is Alexa

Alexa is a device connected to the voice-controlled personal assistant service named as Alexa, This device respond to the name “Alexa”. The word Alexa can be changed by the user to “Amaz4on”, “Echo” or “Computer”. The device is capable of voice interaction, where you can talk to it and even ask some questions about it.

Alexa is smart that it can handle some typical questions too. For example, if you ask Alexa that which is better Alexa or Google home then the answer will be in the manner that it does not judge anyone and you will get your answer. Do you wanna know What is Google home?

Alexa can even do lots of works like music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, and providing weather, traffic and other real-time information. It can also control several smart devices acting as a home automation hub. There’s no activation button to press just Simply tell the command word (“Alexa,” “Amazon,” or “Computer”) and what you wanna to do by Alexa.

As long as you’ve set up everything properly and are using the correct command Alexa will work decently. Alexa is much more responsive than your phone-based voice assistants like Siri, Ok google, Cortana etc.

Amazon built a natural-language processing system that is one of the easiest to interact with Alexa. If you ask any question to Alexa you don’t have to repeat it twice, Alexa will process your language and answer your question correctly because Alexa is intelligent and have very sensitive microphones builtin in it which can capture your voice correctly.

How do Alexa works:

Alexa is always listening to your conversation but it doesn’t store any of the conversations in amazon servers It is listening to you because it should respond quickly as you say “Alexa” and the words you say after Alexa are stored in servers to improve the behavior of Alexa with you.

If you ask Alexa some random questions, Alexa isn’t Google. Alexa knows a lot, but what it can’t answer outweighs what it can. If you use Alexa as your primary smart speaker to ask some confusing questions we recommend Google home. It’s very intelligent and user-friendly.

The thing in Alexa is It has limited wakeup words. Suppose if you’re having more than one smart speaker of Alexa then you have to remember each wake-up word to activate Alexa in a specific region like a living room, kitchen, hall etc. As all website collects data from the user in the form of cookies to improve user experience Alexa too collects the data of the user to improve user experience by replying user in the correct manner and following the commands properly.

Alexa stores the data like your favorite song, your timings, your taste and much more to improve the user experience. In a work, Alexa is like your dog which also listens to your bit respond to its nickname “puppy”, “Shona”, “dolly” etc.

Alexa prosucts:

Echo Dot –

Echo plus –

Echo –

The list of Alexa commands :

The Alexa commands work pretty well with all connected device and understyand the natural languages. You don’t always have to speak the commands exactly as you see below.

Basic commands :

“Alexa help” : If you need to ask help
Alexa lets chat : To have a conversation
Alexa Stop : To stop
Alexa louder or Alexa turn up/down : To change volume
Commands used in daily life
Alarm : “Alexa set an alarm for 7 am” or “wake me up at 7 am”
Echo Show on display : “Alexa what can you show me?”
Live camera : “Alexa show the hall camera”
Show pictures : “Alexa show me the pictures to today”
Music : “Alexa play music”
Date : Al;exa wha’s the date?”
Day : “Alexa what’s day today?”
Time : “Alexa what time is it?”
Make a call : “Alexa call Nadeem”
Answer call : “Alexa answer the call”
Read messages : “Alexa play messages”
Weather : Alexa what’s the weather today”
News : Alexa what’s in the News”
Cook : Alexa how to make a cup cake?”
Math : Alexa what’s 595 plus 573?”
Defination : “Alexa what is the definition of zoloroots?”
Spellinh : Alexa what is the spelling of [voice]?”
Home automation : Alexa turn on lights/fans/AC/heater/coffeemaker
Bluetooth : “Alexa connect to Bluetooth/disconnect Bluetooth”
Search : ‘Alexa Wikipedia [something]”
Continue reading : “Alxea tell me more about it

Some routine commands :

“Alexa good morning”
“Alexa tell me joke”
“Alexa beam up”
“Alexa tell me truth”
“Alexa show mw money”
“Alexa music”
“Alexa party time”
“Alexa bye”


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