Top 5 Programming Languages you should learn in 2018


Computer programming Languages | If you are thinking of learning programming languages then the question in your mind is! Which one is most demanding and Where to start. Which language is used for what purpose and much more question are in you’re mind? I hope you will find the answers to your questions in the below content.

Top 5 Programming Languages Of 2018

 1. Java

Java is over 20 years old language and used by millions of developers. Billions of devices are powered by java worldwide and have the ability to run on any hardware and operating system through the Java Virtual Machine. Almost all android apps are based on Java. Java decreased in popularity in 2018 and have fear of losing its command on android apps. Yes recently google CEO, said that kotlin will be the professional android developing language in future.

2. Python

Python is the most popular language among all in the present scenario. This language is similarly used for web development and also it is used for software developers. It is widely used in scientific computing, machine learning and much more like data mining work automation etc….
In 2018 python became the top most important language in the programming world.

3. JavaScript

Javascript is the grandfather of programming languages. 75% of developers use java and more than 90% of website use javascript in the world. Javascript is commonly used as a client-side scripting language. It means that javascript code is written in an HTML page… It’s like oxygen for the Web Developers, without JavaScript nearly all the websites will be as uncool as ever. If u don’t believe me, just turn off the javascript in the browser and see the result.


4. C++

C++ is not much popular as java, python, and javascript. C++ is mostly used for system/application software, gaming development, server applications, drivers, embedded firmware. Many programmers find difficult to learn the programming languages like C, C++. So, they learn the languages like python, java, which are more easy to learn and powerful than c and C++.

5. PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language. Most developers use PHP for web development, either to add extra functions to HTML cant handle/interact with SQL database. MainlyPHP is used to add extra functionality to websites that HTML alone can’t do. The most popular social media platform Facebook uses PHP language.

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