How to Avoid Being Hacked by Hackers

Prevent Hacking |  How to Stop Hackers from Invading Your Network. How to avoid being Hacked on facebook. You’re having a doubt in your mind that even after antivirus being installed, Computer gets hacked. How can hacker enter into your system even antivirus is active.

Hey… This is Shaik Nadeem a Professional blogger. I’m gonna tell you everything about How can you bee save without being hacked by hackers and what are the step to be taken to avoid Hacking. Read until the end for better understanding.


How to Avoid Being Hacked ♦

Beware of Public wifi:

We all temp to use public wifi, because its free and saves your mobile data. Have to hear that hacker does love public wifi as a common wifi user. Hackers always target the users who use public wifi and steal the user information.

How do a hacker steal data from user: Hackers usually create a free wifi zone in public area where user temp to connect the free wifi which is not encrypted. As a user surf the internet and enter his personal details on the internet by using free wifi, the information you have entered in the device will directly go to the hacker database where he can access to your accounts and can do more than that you imagine.

A hacker can also use a fishing page to target you and get your username or password. phishing pages mean a clone page which looks like an official page of a big brand like google accounts, facebook login page etc. What the hacker dop is, he redirects you to his phishing page as you connect to his free wifi.

Advise: Don’t use public wifi, if necessary confirm that it’s a genuine wifi or not. I recommend you not to enter your bank details on any website while using free wifi.

Forget the Network :

After using the wifi do forget the network so that the hackers cannot penetrate into your device and do some unusual things. Beware of using puli9c wifi and do not leave the network without forgetting.

Turn off your wifi :

How to stop hackers on your phone. You usually have been seen that when you enter your home, the wifi network connects automatically and the internet starts working on your phone. You know It happens the same with public wifi when you do not turn off your wifi. It automatically connects up to your device and then the hacker starts using your phone wirelessly.

Use VPN :

We always recommend you to use VPN(virtual private network) while allows being anonymous on the internet. You can stream anonymously on the web and anyone cannot detect you and cannot find on which os or on which device your surfing internet.

Look after your password is good :

The simple and the first step to avoid from being hacked is creating a unique password with the combination of Alphabets, numbers, Special symbols(@#$%^&!), and the length of the password should be minimum 8 to 10.

How can a hacker crack your password: You may think that what matters when my password is small or same as others, the hacker doesn’t know my password naah!. Here comes the hacker don’t know your password, but if he knows your username he can crack your password in a couple of minutes if you do not include special characters in it. The hackers use brute force, dictionary attack methods to crack your password.

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Check the lock :

How not to get hacked. Will you leave your front door open in your house, no naah!. You obviously close the door. Then why do you leave your online details open?. Every time you visit a website online make sure that that site is encrypted with HTTPS lock or not.

I do not enter you’re any kind of details in it because of the site without HTTPS or not encrypted. That means The information that you enter on the site will not be encrypted and the owner of that website can read your credentials.

Do not install apps from the unknown source :

We all have the itch to install apps from open source that means the apps which you install by sharing, downloading from websites, and modified apps. That’s a big mistake an android your do and even I did that mistake in the first when I was new to the hacking world. Know I do get know that what kind of attacks we can do by modifying apps and promote them to download from unknown source platform.

The apps that are avilable only on websites, internet but not on app stores like Play Store are the modified apps which can contain malware that steals your data and send it to the dentist server. Do install open source apps only if you are a developer.

Advice: Do not install open source apps. if your an android user, you can use Play Store and Apple users can use IOS app store.

keep changing password frequently :

Keep changing your password frequently and as I told you the length of the password should be 8 to 10 with the combination of special symbols.

Install security updates :

How to block hackers from my phone. keep your device up to date by installing the security patches given by the company. Do maintain an antivirus software on your device, so that it can decrease that rate of attacking viruses.

As CEO of  Microsoft says that Its waste of having an antivirus but we should be in our protection way. who knows the presence of antivirus can save your personal information from leaking.

Use two-factor authentication :

Use two-factor authentication where you will receive an OPT on your mobile or mail to log in to your account. In this case, there are fewer possibilities for a hacker to hack your account. If a hacker tries to hack into your account then he has to gain OTP which is near you.


Things You Need to Do After Being Hacked ♦

Change Password :

After being hacked the first thing you have to do is change your password. Yes, change your password by re-verification of your identity. I mean just reset your password. If you cant login into your account just reset your password by the way like a forgotten password.

Take a close look at the hacked account :

Yes, look at your account closely. closely doesn’t mean that you go near to the screen and looking at your account. Just have a look at your account, because a hacker could have done some mysterious things with your account. So, revert the changes if you don’t recognize them.

Get your account to normal status :

Yeh, get your account to normal status. The hacker may have done a lot of up and down to your account. As you get your account in your hand the first thing you can do is bringing it to normal form.

Tell Family and Friends :

tell your friends and family members that your account has been hacked, so that they can know that you are not responsible for the Misterio things done by your account.

Reinstall OS: Reinstall OS so that the malware present on your PC and the Spyware install in your system will get deleted from your PC. The hacker cant gains access to your PC when you reinstall your OS. I recommend you to reinstall your OS frequently where the Hackers cant reaches you with their spyware.

Scan your computer :

scan your computer for any virus or malware so that you can remove them from your computer. Use paid antivirus instead of free for better performance.


Summary :

Beware of email. A lot of cyber attacks are launched through simple malicious email

Unknown messages contain links to unknown sites

Never open attachments

Always keep your system up to date

Follow the steps as said about while using free wifi

Do not use unknown source apps

Keep your password strong


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