What is Hacking? Introduction & Types of Hackers

All bout Hacking & who is a Hacker :


‘Ethical Hacking Certifications | Hacking is the process of exploiting vulnerabilities to gain access to a network. In hacking the first question which comes is ” What can be Hacked“.

To this, my answer is, everything which is programmed by a man can be hacked. Because there is no technology which is completely safe. And in today’s world hackers are updating their skills and finding new methods to hacked or penetrate into the system.

Have you heard people saying that My facebook account has been hacked, my twitter account has been hacked and feared of getting hacked.

Hey …! This is Shaik Nadeem from zoloroots, In this article, I’m going to share with you everything about Hacking and what should you do to prevent yourself being hacked. Be patient and read the post till the end.

What is hacking?

Hacking is nothing but identifying the weakness in computer systems or networks to gain access to the private data. You’re here that means you would have heard a lot about hacking and if I’m right you wanna learn to hack.

Before going further I would like to clear one thing, hacking is not a course that you can learn and finish it out. It’s a skill that needs to be updated by time. One can learn to hack by interest but not by the target.

Example of hacking:

cracking password to gain access to the computer system. In today world computers became mandatory to run a useful business. Having computer system is not enough we need to have network communication with external systems.

Here comes hacking, while interacting with other networks we have a fear of leakage of our private data. To overcome this fraud an organization hires an ethical hacker to secure their systems by illegal hacking.

Before we move further, let’s have a look at who is a  hacker and types of hackers :

Who is a Hacker?

A Hacker is a person who finds loopholes and weakness in the computers to gain access. Hackers are the persons who are skilled with programming and networking knowledge. The main thing the hacker should know is social engineering.

Some of the things the hacker should know are :

  • Fishing
  • Social engineering
  • Footprinting
  • Networking skills and a lot…

White hat (Ethical hacker) :

A white hat hacker is also known as an ethical hacker. These hackers are good guy’s in the hacking world. A hacker who gains access to systems to fix the bugs and security loopholes.

Ethical hackers take permission of the owner to penetrate into the system. The most popular certification for hacking is CEH(certified ethical hacker) from EC-council.

While coming to an ethical hacker, Ethical hackers have most demand in IT field where a lot of companies are hiring an ethical hacker to safeguard their data. The salary package of the ethical hacker is a lot more than a software employee.

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Blackhat(Crakers) :

A black hat hackers are also known as Crakers A hacker who gains unauthorized access to the computer system for personal profit. This hackers usually steal confidential data, transfer fund from the bank, breaking privacy.

Grey hat :

The combination of white hat and black hat is known to be a grey hat hacker. These hackers penetrate into the system to identify the loopholes and then reveal them to the owner. They perform penetration without the permission of the owner.

Script kiddies A person who normally don’t care about hacking(how hacking is performed).They copy the code from different places and perform attacks. Script kiddies usually download hacking software and watch youtube videos on how to use them. A non-skilled hacker gains access to a system by using premade tools.

What is Cybercrime :

Cybercrime is nothing but the crime done on the internet. That is gaining illegal access to millions of computer by spreading viruses, performing an e-fund transfer, online frauds.

Most of the cybercrimes are done on the internet. There are anti-cybercrime organizations with mostly skilled ethical hacker to control the frauds done on online.

Types of cybercrime :

  • Computer fraud
  • Privacy violation
  • Identity theft
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • ATM fraud
  • Denial of service attack
  • Spam

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is finding the weakness in the computer systems to protect it from the black hat hackers.They are also known as good hackers who protect the companies data from bad hackers.

Rules of ethical hacker :

  • Get written permission from the owner before performing hacking on his system.
  • Inform about the loopholes present in the system.
  • Protect the privacy of the owner.
  • Do not leak the data of an organization.
  • To protect the information of the organization or owner


Summary :

Hacking is  Exploiting weaknesses in computer networks
Ethical hacking is all about improving security to computer networks
Ethical Hacking is legal
Ethical hacker has most demand in IT world.


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